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The Kambia Appeal works exclusively in the Kambia District in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We have worked with the government health services in Kambia since 1992, with the aim of providing targeted assistance to the Kambia Government Hospital and the health centres in the district to improve basic healthcare.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is situated on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Guinea in the north, Liberia in the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south west. Its capital city is Freetown. The country covers an area of almost 28,000 square miles, with a population of around 5 million people. Sierra Leone’s recent history has been dominated by the ten-year civil war of 1992 to 2002. Over 20,000 people were killed during this time; thousands more were injured and an estimated two million people were displaced.

Sierra Leone is divided into three Provinces and the Western Area. Each of the Provinces is sub-divided into districts, which are in turn subdivided into chiefdoms, wards and villages. Infrastructure outside of Freetown is basic, with many areas served by poor roads and a very limited transport system. Power and water supplies suffered extensive damage during the civil war; around half of the population lacks access to safe water supplies.

To find out more about Sierra Leone, visit the BBC’s country profile or the Sierra Leone Website.

The Kambia District is one of the five districts that make up the northern province of Sierra Leone. It borders Bombali in the east, Port Loko in the south, the Republic of Guinea in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The district comprises seven chiefdoms and has a population of 301,300 people living in 805 villages. Kambia Town is the main head quarter town, which is 193km from Freetown.

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