Make a one-off donation

By making a donation today to our Kambia 20 Fund you will be supporting all of our work in Kambia, helping to provide emergency transportation for pregnant women in Kambia, as well as vital items of medical equipment for the district hospital, such as delivery beds and oxygen concentrators, delivery kits and supplies of medicines.

A donation of £50 and £100 with Gift Aid becomes £62.50 and £125 at no extra cost to you.

What your gift can provide


£50 provides fuel for the Kambia Appeal vehicle for a week to enable us to run our projects in the district and to collect data from health centres to monitor and evaluate our work.


£150 helps us run and maintain a motorbike ambulance for two months, which provides emergency transportation for at-risk pregnant women between their home and the nearest health centre.


£370 enables a consignment of vital medicines to be purchased and taken to Kambia by a UK medical volunteer.


The Kambia Appeal 62 Oxmoor, Abbeydale, Gloucester GL4 5XW

UK Charity number: 1014034

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