The Kambia Appeal Land Rover has arrived in Kambia

Posted by James Dowling in General on 13 October 2009

The new Kambia Appeal Land Rover has now arrived in Kambia!

Kambia Landrover 1

Kambia Landrover 2

Kambia Landrover 3

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has made this possible - Ben at Keith Gott, Grant at Signs Express in Cardiff, Polly and everyone who organised and took part in the Palm Wine fundraising evening last year, and Martin Smith.

The Land Rover was packed into its container along with school text books and an ultra sound scanning machine donated by Cheltenham General Hospital and left the UK on 12 October.  It is now being used to transport doctors and medical staff from the UK from Freetown to Kambia, and will be used as a maternity bus to help high-risk pregnant women get to the Kambia hospital.


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