Leave us a gift in your will.

A gift in your will can make a vital difference to the long-term health of people in Kambia. From giving a health worker in Kambia the opportunity to study for three years with a scholarship to become a qualified nurse (who will then go on to care for their community) to building a brand new health clinic in a remote rural area, you can give people the chance of a better life.

£1,000 funds one year of training for a nursing qualification, including tuition fees and living allowance

£3,000 provides the scholarship for the full three-year nursing course and gives Kambia a new State Enrolled Community Health Nurse

£6,000 builds a basic health centre

£12,000 provides a fully-equipped health centre with medical staff accommodation staff, a water well and a power generator.

£25,000 funds a community health education programme to encourage families to seek healthcare, such as family planning, antenatal and delivery services.  A programme would include radio broadcasts, community learning events and family visits by community health workers for targeted villages across the district.

Leaving a legacy to The Kambia Appeal is easy and involves adding a short clause to your will.

Please contact our treasurer: treasurer@kambia.org.uk