Cheltenham FC (Kambia Branch)


We have our own Kambia Appeal football team called the Cheltenham FC.  The team is managed by Charles Kabba, our dedicated cook at the Kambia Appeal base.  Since its foundation in 2009, and with on-going support with kit from Cheltenham Town FC in the UK, Charles has established a prize-winning group of players.  As Charles says, “I am very pleased with the progress of the team.  We practice every day except Sundays, working on fittness exercises, coordination and hold practice matches.  We are expecting to join the Division Two League within Sierra Leone next year.  It is our dream one day to come to the UK to play a match in Cheltenham”.

Charles and the team have already seen considerable success.  Last year they won the regional level of the Airtell Rising Stars championship held in the capital Freetown.  This year they were the runners up in the final match in Menkeni, with team member Pascal Momodubah Suma named as best player in the entire competition.  We were extremely fortunate to be in Kambia on the day of the team’s triumphant returned from the Menkeni tournament.  Here they are in July 2012, celebrating at the Kambia Appeal base.

The team returns to Kambia from the the championship final with the runners up cup


The team enter the Kambia Appeal base to celebrate their achievement
Charles Kabba, the team manager and Kambia Appeal cook, holds the runners up trophy
The entire team pose for a photo with their medals and trophy

If you would like to sponsor the team (either with funding to help the team’s travel costs to attend  matches across the district or with donations of kit, balls and equipment),  please contact our treasurer via email