Dr Tom Sesay


Tom Sesay is the District Medical Officer in charge of all aspects of the health services in Kambia.  He oversees the management of the district hospital and the 62 primary health centres.  He has a staff of over 250 serving the 308,000 people living in Kambia.

Tom has been the DMO in Kambia for just over one year.  He said, “The Kambia Appeal has been assisting the health services in Kambia for many years.  They have helped us make important improvements in the training of our local staff, in terms of strengthening their maternal and child health skills, which is vital work.  I am always happy to receive Kambia Appeal visitors from the UK and to work together in helping the people in the district. Together we are doing important work in reducing the number of women and children dying due to easily treatable illnesses.”

Dr Tom Sesay signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Kambia District Health Management Team and The Kambia Appeal, February 2012, setting out joint priorities for the next three years.