Ibrahim Kamara Aka. FT


Story has it that when Mr Kamara was first teaching maths at Kolenten Secondary School his arithmetic questions to his class were so difficult they often illicited a standard response of “ft” from his students, meaning “I’ve no idea what the answer is and I can’t quite be bothered to work it out”. Ever since, he has been know to everyone as FT.

FT is our mister fix it; our project co-ordinator, who can mend anything from our power generator, to a dodgy Land Rover radiator, to the plumbing at the base.  If anything needs sorting, FT is the man to do it.  He was born in Kambia and grew up in one of the houses close to our base.  He has been a senior teacher at the local school all his professional life, and leads the community of St Augustine’s church.  His wife Laura is currently at teacher training college, and their lively adopted children are often to be found playing with our volunteers at the base.