Isatu Kamara


Isatu is a presenter and jounalist for Radio Kolenten, the main independent local radio station in Kambia District. She has worked there for one year and hosts a weekly music and phone-in programme called Tutu Party. She also presents a programme called Women Profiling, which is dedicated to highlighting gender inequality and the problems caused by teenage pregancy. She interviews successful women in the district to give them a voice in the community and to provide positive role models for girls and young women.  As part of this programme she also interviews girls who have been forced to drop out of school due to teenage pregnacy to discuss their experiences and to think about ways for families to reduce the barriers faced by girls in gaining an education.

Isatu said, “I think I am serving the community in a good way.  Radio increases chances of a positive effect by talking about issues and sharing views”.  Isatu’s message to girls in Kambia: “Girls, be serious in your eduation.  We need to be side by side with men.  This is very serious”.