Jariatu Barry


Jariatu has been working as a Volunteer Nursing Aide at the Kambia District hospital for the last 18 months.  Although she enjoys her work at the hospital (taking obersations and making sure patients are given their prescribed drugs), she is eager to sit the entrace exam to train as an MCHA.  An able student, Jariatu has gained some of the highest test scores in Kambia Appeal training sessions.  She says of the training she has received, “I have leaned a lot from the Cheltenham and UK visitors, especially the adult and child resuscitation workshops and the infection control training.  It is important to protect the patient and yourself from infection. I also learned a lot from Dr Clare Adams about safe deliveries of babies.  This is all very useful to me!”.

Jariatu (third from the left in the back row) with her Volunteer Nurse colleagues at the IHLFS training week in May 2011.
Jariatu and colleagues with Sonia Maisey during a teaching session on hygiene and infection control, May 2011.