Meet people who live in Kambia

Working exclusively in one district since 1992 means that we have been able to get know people very well over the years and we’ve made many friends.  Here are a few people who are part of the community in Kambia; our friends, colleagues and neighbours in Kambia Town.

Dr Tom Sesay

Kambia District Medical Officer

Sister Hawa Kallon

District Health Sister

Mohamed Kamara

CHO at Kambia Hospital


CHO at Mile 14 PHU

Sally Kadia

MCHA at Mafufuna PHU

Jariatu Barry

Volunteer Nursing Aide at Kambia hospital

Moses Kabba

Kambia Appeal Project Manager

Ibrahim Kamara aka. FT

Kambia Appeal Project Coordinator

Ibrahim Turray

Baker and our neighbour

Samuel Bangura

Student at an IT training course

Isatu and Samba

Young couple in Kambia

Cheltenham FC

The Kambia Appeal football team