Sister Hawa Kallon


Hawa is the District Health Sister in charge of primary health across Kambia.  She has responsibility for the staff at the 62 Primary Health Units in the district, including 120 Maternal and Child Health Aides (MCHAs) and 15 Community Health Officers (CHOs).  Hawa has a key role in co-ordinating the training programmes provided by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as part of the IHLFS and LPIP projects.  She works with Gloucestershire staff to write teaching syllabuses and arrange the training visits.

Of her involvement with The Kambia Appeal, she says, “I am very happy to be co-ordinating the training of our staff here in Kambia with people from the UK.  My MCHAs are always telling me how they have benefitted from the training.  Before, they had to refer all difficult cases to the hospital.  Now, they can manage them on their own, which is better for the patients and more efficient. Our Kambia Appeal visitors are always motivated for our best interests.  They give up their time to help, and we are most grateful for that.”

Sister Hawa checks over a consignment of resuscitation equipment supplied by The Kambia Appeal as part of the IHLFS training project, February 2012.