Terena Tholley


Terena was one of our first Community Health Officer scholars.  Having completed her CHO qualification and then worked back in Kambia on the paediatric ward at the district hospital, we are delighted that Terena is now in charge of the health centre at Mile 14.  The Kambia Appeal funded and built this new facility during 2011.

Of her association with The Kambia Appeal, she says, “I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for The Kambia Appeal.  They had faith in me when I was trying to start my medical career. Oh, I had tried again and again to apply to the university, but without funding I was never succcessful. They took me up and paid my fees and my allowance. Today I am a CHO serviving this community at Mile 14. I am very grateful.  But not only me; the people in this village are also very pleased.  Together we have built this new health centre”.

Terena inside her consulting room at Mile 14 health centre showing us a recent consignment of drugs from the UK during our visit in Febuary 2012.

Exteria of the newly constructed Mile 14 Health Centre (14 miles from Kambia town!).
Community members at Mile 14 watching the construction of their new health centre in May 2011