Kambia Appeal Base

Our home in Kambia is the old Kingdom Palace guest house and ex-MSF head quarters off Electricity Road in Kambia Town.  The main house has six bedrooms, a dining room, a bathroom and a shady verandah.  Then we have four individual huts (seen here with freshly painted green doors) and the toukle – our round, thatched outdoor living room.  We also have various stores buildings and a workshop. The base is a crucial part of our set up in Kambia, enabling us to accommodate both our long-term volunteers who are in Kambia for six months at a time, plus groups of our short-term volunteers who come to deliver teaching programmes for a couple of weeks.

The base is not only a home for our visitors from the UK, it is also home to several of our staff.  Moses, our project manager has a house in the compound, as does Mohamed one of our three security guards and general helpers.  We also have two resident cooks, Charles and Abass, who feed and look after our guests.  If you come to stay here you will also meet various children at the base whose schooling has been sponsored over the years by our volunteers.  They often come round in the evenings to make use of our electrict lights to do their homework. The base is therefore a lively, relaxed and secure environment from which we run our projects.