Changing the pilot

Shona Lockyer has been chair of Trustees of the Kambia Appeal for over ten years. She has now decided that it is time to hand over to someone else.
Shona has done a fantastic job in steering the Appeal through some very difficult years. The Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and the withdrawal of our volunteering programme, followed by Covid in the UK, meant that the decade was far from easy. This was not helped by the withdrawal of UK government funding for some overseas aid projects, for which we had been applying. Her own experience of visits to Kambia and contact with Moses Kabba, our local representative there, helped her to keep in touch with events. She steered the Appeal successfully through all these hazards and has been able to hand it on to David Holmes, while herself still remaining a trustee. We are extremely grateful to you, Shona, for your many years dedication to Kambia and the hard work you have put in on behalf of the Appeal. Thank you, Shona!