In November 2011, David Holmes led the fourth IHLSF visit as part of our three-year training programme to improve maternal and child health in Kambia District. Over six days, David and his Gloucestershire team ran training courses in obstetric emergencies, adult and neonatal resuscitation, general midwifery and nursing care for 84 health workers at the district hospital in Kambia.

Fortune Ibrahim, one of Kambia Community Health Officers who has taken part in a number of the Kambia Appeal training courses gave his response to the project:

“The training for CHOs has been very necessary and applicable within our communities by improving our life-saving skills. The training programme so far has already helped us manage critical conditions, such as post-partum haemorrhage and the resuscitation of new-born babies. These skills are very important out in the PHUs beyond the District Hospital, and will help to bring down maternal mortality to a very low level.”

Our thanks to David, Clare, Rob, Anneke, Angela, Charlotte, Alison, Jen and Laura! The next visit is planned for March this year.