Richard Kerr-Wilson, David Holmes and Moses Kabba with Sarah Williams and members of the Kambia District Health Management Team and JICA

Following the recent evaluation of the work of The Kambia Appeal in December 2008, a full-scale needs assessment was carried out in June this year to find out how we can better direct our support to the priority needs of the maternal and child health system in Kambia. Richard Kerr-Wilson, David Holmes and Sarah Williams of the Tropical Health and Education Trust spent ten days in Sierra Leone meeting local Kambia health staff, community members and Ministry of Health officials in Freetown. The outcome of their visit is a road map for The Appeal to follow in the coming years.

The needs assessment identified the following projects for us to achieve:

  • Provision of 10 scholarships for the SECH Nursing qualification
  • 36 days of training for the 40 volunteer nursing aides
  • Refresher training in general maternal health for 58 MCHAs
  • Surgical skills training for Community Health Officers
  • Training for operating theatre staff and anaesthetic nurses
  • Equipment to establish a dedicated maternity operating theatre a
  • Expansion of the Appeal’s transportation scheme

Read the 2009 Planning Report.