Maud Hardy, midwife from Leeds, teaching basic maternal health and midwifery skills to Kambia MCHAs in May 2011 as part of the International Health Link Funding Scheme.

Volunteer Programme

Since the very beginning of The Kambia Appeal, our relationship with Kambia has been based on visits to Sierra Leone by medical personnel from the UK. Such visits have provided training for local hospital staff and district health workers, as well as much needed clinical work at the hospital.

During the period 2013 – 2015 we were awarded an HPS grant, funded by UK DFID and THET. The aim of the programme was to improve health outcomes and quality of healthcare delivery within Kambia District by empowering UK health volunteers through skill sharing to train and teach local healthcare workers, develop quality improvement tools, and provide clinical support. In addition to this we strive to contribute to the personal and professional development of UK health volunteers with an opportunity to volunteer in a resource poor setting and further develop their skills and abilities. 

See what our returned long-term volunteers said about their experiences of working and teaching in Kambia in a film made last year.

Now that the Ebola outbreak is over in Sierra Leone, we are once again recruiting volunteers to support our work in Kambia.  More information is available below about what it is like being a volunteer in Kambia, the support we provide and how you can apply.  If you have any questions about volunteering, please email for more information. 

Volunteering in Kambia

Watch our previous films about volunteering in Kambia



 4 minute film:

14 minute film:


What will volunteers be doing in Kambia?

Successful volunteers will be placed at Kambia Government Hospital and will work across the following core areas:

  • Teaching/training local staff
  • Quality improvement activities
  • Clinical support
  • Community health education
  • Support the wider activities of the Kambia Appeal within Kambia District

What are the costs?

Volunteers going for 6 months or more will have the following costs covered by The Kambia Appeal:

  • Pre-departure training weekend
  • Return flights to Freetown & transfers
  • Travel visa to Sierra Leone
  • Insurance
  • Vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis
  • Accommodation and food in Kambia
  • Stipend for R&R in-country during placement

We no longer offer short term volunteering placements of less than 6 months, though have some flexibility if you fall short of the 6 month minimum by only a matter of weeks.

Requirements and selection

Please note that the volunteer opportunities offered as part of this programme are only available to UK-based health professionals.

Prior to selection volunteers must meet the following requirements:

Essential: You MUST be UK-based health care workers and have at least 2 years postgraduate experience

Desirable: Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene or Diploma in Tropical Nursing, previous experience of working abroad, teaching experience, quality improvement experience.

Selection of volunteers is based on:

  • Professional experience
  • Relevant skills
  • Personal attributes
  • Motivations

How to Apply

Complete our application form and send it along with your CV to We will confirm receipt of your application within 7-10 days.

We review applications twice a year, in order to recruit volunteers for the subsequent months. SPECIAL NOTE: we accept and review applications from paediatric doctors/nurses, obstetricians and midwives throughout the year, and we will review applications from these specialists at any time.


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UK Charity number: 1014034

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